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Success is no "standard answer"

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-07-29

★ inspirational world - because of fear of failure and not a go, will never succeed. ★

What is success? Success may be that you have created new wealth or technology, you may be brought happiness for others, it may be you get the confidence of others in the workplace, it could be that you find a return to self, and the world contention-free lifestyle. Each person's success is unique. "Regarding the success of this aspect, Kai-fu Lee teacher in the" do their best "to make this book. Similarly, in the minds of the students, if there is a success criterion for example, he answers:? good grades, was admitted to a good university, or money, have the right, I believe that success is a respectable diversified success everyone can succeed...

Not to say that some money is entitled to success, as long as a state is a success. We calmly think about it, parents are not concerned about how many points each test or child can be admitted to what kind of college? Success in life is determined by an exam to determine it? Lifetime of happiness is admitted to the school to decide what is it? I think most people would say "no."

In Kai-fu Lee teacher opinion, a diversified successfully into quite a variety: a person may be to create a new product or technology, may be obtained breakthrough scientific research, may be a person's behavior to others brings happiness may be a person in the workplace has been the trust of others, there may be a person to find their most satisfaction, the most happy lifestyle, or rely on their ability to achieve fame and fortune.

For the child, the parents can not just test scores to measure future success, help children establish a correct outlook on life and values, to cultivate children's ability to endure hardship and struggle of the spirit, the dream is more important for the children to develop.

For young people, play to their strengths, realize their value is the correct attitude towards success. In the successful diversification perspective, measure of success can have many kinds: either a person's status and wealth, can also be creative and influential, but may be based on a person's own improvement and progress. Either way, the most basic measure of a person should be able to act on their own or socially beneficial, can transcend themselves and derive more pleasure.

Gifted does not mean that will be successful, so-called talent is continuing patience. Behind the success of these people are willing to endure loneliness, endure loneliness, humiliation, enduring poverty, doing something you enjoy and be successful.

Success is diverse, there is no "standard answer." Just follow the objectives set up their own, struggling with a little bit of progress every day, and constantly strive to do better themselves, it is their success.

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