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The Meaning of Wane on the Skyscrape

  • Author:Hopely Li
  • Release on :2016-02-26

The Meaning of Wane on the Skyscraper  Po Jinsen‘s rule of business office is : the more perfect designed and more luxury the decoration cornament is, the nearer to its deadline.  He found out that many profitable business companies were all placed at some not so eye-catching locations and in the shady houses. Ever since moved into luxury mansions, these companies may led to its last day/wither away. For example, religious institutions such as Szentpeter church, Rome church, the Vatican Church, were built from the park of power, and at the exact time,their religious power become weak and even bad fortunes by them. 

If Po Jinsen know Chinese history,then he may find more proofs like Epang palace, Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. I am wondering that why those architecture well-know as luxury al because the ―tomb‖ of their bodies?  With scientific spirit, po Jinsen showed us his inference:

when an institution is prosperous than never, it was too busy to design and build mansion with enough time and energy, while all key work done and considering to build a large building comparable to its achievements,its time and energy were concentrated on those superficial stuffs. When the design and building work of a constitution was about to complete, it has began to lose its meaning.