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In the face of the Reality in Silence

Hopely Li 2016-02-26 11:13:16


The truest and most expressive thought was hardly be expressed.  We all face it alone in silence to the most important thing in life. We can talk occasionally about love, loneliness, happiness, miseries,death and so on, but the true meaning is hard to deliver by words. I cannot tell others how gentle my love is; how desperate my loneliness is; my enjoyable happiness is; how depressive my miseries is; how ridiculous my death is.

I have no choice but to hide then deeply in my heart. All what I said and wrote but the product of thinking, while thinking, to some extend, is a kind of escape which from the particular to general, fate to life and the abyss of silence to the bank of language. If they have not become pure/solely and abstract idea, it is merely because they have newly struggled out from the silence and with something hard to tell in their bodies.  I am not to deny the possibility of communication between human beings, but the condition. It is silence, instead of words. it had an excellent explanation: the nature of silence tells the nature of one‘s soul. There is no any words may have a possibility to make a communication between their soul if the two cannot share the same silence. To those who have not solved the same questions in silence, even in the profound philosophy only some cliches, in fact the shallowness of the readers are scarce divided not clear deep sentiment and empty sigh, sayings and cliches,

Philosophy and commonplace, dull and commonplace, Buddha and mysterious Zen. A person words understanding depth depending on his depth of the interpretation of silence, in the final analysis, lies in her silent,That is the depth of his soul. So, in my opinion, who are interested in exploring the truth of life is the first time in silence, the major problems faced in his soul truly belongs to our own in silence.

He has enough to breed and therefore feel overwhelmed when all the words the door is open to him, this is he not only understand the limited words and understand the words behind

Behind the silence of infinite.