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There can afford to fly, there is the weight in order to grow

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-09-18

Practice running a child, my father in my legs tied sandbags, ran not far, legs like filling the lead-like, heavy and sour. Such practice for some time, I do not want to adhere to. The father asked: "Do you know how to fly the bird is it?"

My father said, in a long, long time ago, and the birds do not have wings, but also with other animals, can only walk on the ground. One day, God put some burden on a small bundle into a small bundle, tied to the bird's back, they want to put these burdens transported to distant places. Initially, the bird was very heavy burden on the back, walk, walk, backs the burden gradually become relaxed, and so when they arrive at the destination, found the back of the burden has become a pair of beautiful wing. God gives birds burden is in fact given one pair of bird wings. Because of the burden will be hard to bear the burden; because of resistance, will continue to break through resistance.

After hearing this fable, I knew his father's care and thought, so I insisted legs tied sandbags practice methods. Gradually, I was running faster and faster, from primary school, secondary school to university, each running game, I have to take the first school.

Also in a child, I see the flowers, grass, tree, children are growing up, they could not help wondering why they are grown up and down instead of growing it? When I asked my father, my father pointed to the earth, said, because the earth in the next, down to the Earth's gravity, gravity down, flowers, grass, tree children to grow up, you have to overcome resistance from gravity, they is to obtain a warm up in the fight against the growing resistance of gravity, the pleasure and power. It turned out that life force unstoppable upward growth, is because of the gravity of the weight is the weight of life inspired the growing force.

Go to work, whenever I have a life with the weight of the burden, I would encourage myself secretly in mind: to fly burdened with the weight in order to grow.

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