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Thinking behind the success

Thinking behind the success

Faye 2016-09-18 17:21:51

Poor easy trusting what the outside world rumors tend to believe what, rarely think about the authenticity of this happening. This kind of thinking makes them the center to the outside world, by various false representations and confused, they have become peripheral. So naturally it is easy to lose yourself, to be used outside or who have ulterior motives in this world would not have their own position, they have become around the turn of the resources of others.

The rich tend to self-confidence, trust their own judgment, the legend on the outside things, like to explore the causes of its authenticity and behind it. They are rarely confused appearance and illusion. This kind of thinking makes them self-centered. Turn yourself around so that the outside world that he easily dominate others, access to resources.

Poor credulous, loss of self achievements of others; rich and confident, others take advantage of their achievements. Poor people like to talk about right and wrong, we will simply divides the world into good and bad two parts, like optimistic about the bad guys and clear film, they like to see the good guys finally got a good newspaper, the end of the bad guys finally got retribution. That's not fair encounter with the poor in the world suffered about, in their view, the bad guys of the world will be less bright.

Talking about the rich is another logic, they are usually the first to consider the interests, it does not matter that you do not like me, you call me and even it does not matter, as long as you give me benefits, I will accept you, I'll cooperate with you.

Poor people lose interest in the tangle of right and wrong, the rich get tangled in the interests of wealth.

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