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To do their own life in the script " Hen jiao Se "

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on :2017-06-23

Life is not long, we have to learn to love yourself. Mercilessly love yourself, not pamper yourself, but hone yourself, forge yourself, do the sword of the king of the king, rather than let yourself like a pile of broken iron as "cheap".

Life is short, why not inspirational. Life is a different script, it is not a heroic court drama, nor is it sensational youth idol drama, not funny drama, on the contrary, it is sometimes more like a "bitter drama" - not blindly rendering Sad, earn eyeballs, but with frustration to accumulate their own height, pocketed the attention of others on their own. So do the people, is the ruthless character of life, will do their own wonderful protagonist, rather than being complained and humiliation led by the nose to go.

Do their own life script "Henjiao Se", not "silly", "silly" most of the people "silly". We have to do a "smart ruthless" people, "ruthless" have bones, "ruthless" have power, and, but also "ruthless" have a goal: to know why they "ruthless."

In fact, there are many times, hold on, it means everything. Live too bad luck, live opponents, live in the mood that self-esteem of their own, you are strong, you nirvana, and you invincible. On their own ruthless, the trajectory of life even deeper, to the world left the glorious impression even more vivid. Long floating life, on their own "ruthless one" Why not?

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