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With these 12 habits of people, is a natural leader

Max Lin 2017-06-24 09:28:00

1. Effective Communication
Communication is the real work of leadership. It’s a fundamental element of how leaders accomplish their goals each and every day.
2. Courage
People will wait to see if a leader is courageous before they’re willing to follow his or her lead. People need courage in their leaders. They need someone who can make difficult decisions and watch over the good of the group. They need a leader who will stay the course when things get tough.
3. Adherence to the Golden Rule +1
The Golden Rule – treat others as you want to be treated – assumes that all people are the same. Great leaders don’t treat people how they themselves want to be treated. Instead, they take the Golden Rule a step further and treat each person as he or she would like to be treated.
4. Self-Awareness
Self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence, a skill that 90% of top performing leaders possess in abundance.
5. Passion
Great leaders are passionate about what they do, and they strive to share that passion with everyone around them.
6. Humility
Great leaders are humble. They don’t allow their position of authority to make them feel that they are better than anyone else.
7. Generosity
Great leaders are generous. They share credit and offer enthusiastic praise.
They want to inspire all of their employees to achieve their personal best – not just because it will make the team more successful, but because they care about each person as an individual.
8. Infectiousness
Great leaders know that having a clear vision isn’t enough. You have to make that vision come alive so that your followers can see it just as clearly as you do.
9. Authenticity
Authenticity refers to being honest in all things – not just what you say and do, but who you are. Leaders who are authentic are transparent and forthcoming.

They aren’t perfect, but they earn people’s respect by walking their talk.
10. Approachability
Great leaders make it clear that they welcome challenges, criticism, and viewpoints other than their own.
11. Accountability
Great leaders have their followers’ backs. They don’t try to shift blame, and they don’t avoid shame when they fail.
12. A Sense of Purpose
Whereas vision is a clear idea of where you’re going, a sense of purpose refers to an understanding of why you’re going there.
People like to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Great leaders give people that feeling.

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