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We quietly grew up on the road

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-03-23

Learn to understand, because only to understand others, will be understood by others. Learn to endure, because things have become reality can not change. Learn to be tolerant, because life can live without it, people are not perfect. Learn to silence because silence is gold. Learn to say no, because do not do things do not force, do their own thing.

Learn to observe, because the world is no wonder nothing, only the eye of its change, to argue right and wrong. Learn to forget, because only forget the already lost can be based on the current, look to the future. Learn to give up, because some things can only appreciate far. Not yours, do not pursue, give up is the best choice. Learn to adapt, because under any conditions to survive. Learn to cherish, because now get the most beautiful.

Learn to pay, because only pay to get a return, although the pay is not proportional to the return. Learn to restrain, because the impulse will often get back. Learn to think, so as to find their own shortcomings. Learn to try, because only this can understand the pain and happiness of life. Learn to change, because you can not change others, only to change yourself.

Learn to play fool, because life is very confused. Learn to be happy, because only happy to spend every day, live only wonderful. Learn to meet, because only this will feel how beautiful life is now, really the so-called contentment. Learn to bear, because in life there are always some sudden, unexpected things, no choice but to silently bear, and brave to face. Learn to listen, because to listen to talk, is respect for her, but also a relief to her, but also a comfort.

Learn to know nothing, because the words will be lost. Learn to self liberation, because only this can be self-transcendence. Learn hard to get into, because it can hone their own will. Learn to split into two things, because everything is not for their own purpose for the transfer. Learn a person to think quietly, because it can make themselves sober, understand.

Learn to crawl out from the pain, because people are from the ups and downs to grow. Learn to cherish life, because life only once, why should wait until the world is about to feel a short life before it Learn to look at the world, because it will see the true face of people. Learn to get up and down, because only this will start a new starting point. Learn to transfer mood, because only this will come from sadness, will make themselves happy up.

Learn to look forward, because the pace of life too late to look back. Learn to be tough not to dial, because only this will overcome many difficulties in life. Learn to desire, because only this can create a source of power. Learn to enjoy, because it is my effort to pay the fruits of the harvest. Learn to struggle because it is my good life companion. Learn to love, because love can give me strength, only love can get real happiness.

Laugh at yesterday, cherish today, look forward to tomorrow. Life at the foot of the road, the taste of life flow between the flow. Wind and frost rain, arrogant frost, careful taste, sentiment life ... ... Do not be afraid of grievances, do not be afraid of difficulties, growth is always gradual. We all know that a good mentality is a beautiful life of the necessary conditions, fine reading will certainly be harvested, we quietly grew up on the road.

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