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What It's like to Love You

  • Author:Belinda Lin
  • Release on:2017-07-06

To love you is to daydream of you often, think of you so much, speak of you proudly, and miss you terribly when we are apart. 

To love you is to cherish the warmth of your arms, the sweetness of your kiss, the friendliness of your smile, the loving sound in your voice, and the happiness we share.   

To love you is to never forget the adversity we have overcome, the tears we have shed, the plans we have made, the problems we have solved, and the pain of separation. 

To love you is to remember joyfully the days we made memorable, the moments that will live forever in our hearts, the dreams we hope for, the feelings we have for each other, the caresses and touches of love, and the exhilaration of love that fills our hearts. 

To love you is to need you, want you, hold you, and know you as no one else can.

To love you is to realize that life without you would be no life at all... That's a little of what it's like to be in love with you!

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