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Why do I want to Strive

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-06-18

★ inspirational world - will make people idle mind rust. ★

I have been admitted to the university I always wanted on, why should I strive? My family conditions can make enough to live comfortably, why am I trying? I feel that such a life has been what I wanted, and why should I strive?

Yes! When everything is moving in our imagination occur, but also so that the desired time, why should we strive? Have you ever thought that you now need to worry, cozy, but you've never seen the outside world, you never know how the blue sky outside, how clear the water? When you feel the floor beneath Ramen Museum good to eat, think even eat for a lifetime and will not feel tired, you have not thought Pork is also very delicious? You can even come in a sweet and sour crest?

The world has never been any one thing for granted, when you think it is granted, it may be just what you lose it's time. When you are satisfied with their current environment and take for granted when you are already in a passive position may even be out at any time.

Therefore, we must work, we were able to seize the initiative, for our blue sky, for a delicious Pork ......

Everyone is like a book, no matter how colorful your book, how exciting plot, has read the time. In order to let you continue to read this book, you have to work for you writing a sequel. You only continue to enrich themselves, to show their value, in order to attract others.

All stand still, do not know the progress of the people, sooner or later they will be eliminated. All things are changing, when others are in progress, you stand still, then the people will be behind you.

In order to enrich themselves, for a better life, in order to have the right to choose, for all have not felt good, in order to meet all of the unknown, we must strive!

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