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Youthful comprehend

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-09-09

Flying the kite has not yet recovered, our dream woke up. Had no choice but in the dust of the earth, continue to pursue the kind of non-turn of pure. Leaves inadvertently fall, when we inadvertently to scruple flowers wandering. Winter is still in the spring, how can distant? Regardless of the world has not promised on time and space, regardless of youth rain as the wind, can fry out of the stars that night night Qinghui.

We carry the older generation of heavy, bear the next generation of cold. From the whisper to hide. Pick up the old ax, touch the old threshold, when crossing the fate of the door, is left old or old, is still unknowingly deprived of this moment - perhaps very long; or intentions to paint To the shadowless sunshine shot - perhaps very macro; maybe ... ... maybe do not have to say anything. As long as you do, it is not wasted, life will not go too.

Freedom to think, freedom belongs to the strong. Freedom belongs to those who think of themselves. A person, to have their own ideas, no matter what genre, doctrine or ideology, can only be used as a reference to the formation of their own ideas. Whether a person's mind can be mature, the state can be profound, depending on his understanding and perseverance, and constantly enhance the resolution. Only those who have attained liberation can have real freedom.

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