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Yu Minhong's speech inspirational

Faye 2017-09-28 09:23:38

There are two ways of life, the first is like a grass alive. You are alive, but you are growing up every year, but after all you are a grass; you absorb the sunshine, but it is not long. People can step on you, people will not suffer because of your pain; people will not because you have been trampled, and come to pity you, because people themselves did not see you. So, each of us should grow like a tree. Even if we are nothing at all, but as long as you have the seeds of the tree, even if people are stepped on the middle of the soil, you can still absorb the nutrients of the soil, grow up. Maybe two years, three years you grow up, but ten years, eight years, twenty years, you will be able to grow into a towering tree, when you grow into a towering tree after the distant place, people will be able to see you ; Approached you, you can give a green, a cool, you can help others. Even when people leave you, look back, you are still a beautiful landscape on the horizon. Tree, alive is beautiful scenery, dead is still a pillar of the talent. Alive, dead are useful, this is the standard of each of our classmates and the growth of the standard.

When a person is alive for others, it is very troublesome. Because other people's standards are not the same, did not adhere to their own pursuit and want something, your dignity and self-esteem is not guaranteed, because you are always in the middle of moving. For us, what is the best way to maintain your dignity and self-esteem? That is to say that you have a dream, from the most basic one step, you can begin to pursue. For example, in the end you want to replace me, become the new chairman and president of the East, you can not do as long as you have enough mentality and enough way to do things, and mind, is certainly able to do.

Everyone who wants to do a thing at once, even if he does this thing, he has no basis, because it is equal to the house made on the beach, and finally will collapse. Only slowly step by step to make things dry, every step to give yourself a solid foundation, every step to give yourself a good account, and then re-go to the future higher every step of the people, he was able to put things Really make a success.

When you decide what to do after a lifetime, you have to go on and out, do not casually change. You can be like a river, the more the flow of the more broad, but do not want to go into another river, or become a mountain. With such a goal, your life will not shake, not because there is a chance, you scurry around, so you can make things.

We are an important ability to live in the future, called the ability to bite the bullet. Many celebrities will encounter a lot of things you can not stand, but you have to endure. And you can not stand it alone can not succeed. Why, because you do not bite the bullet, you do not have time, you have no room, no to the future space. If you want to go to the future, and finally become more powerful, more prosperous, you have to do to give yourself enough time and space. Turn to our own life, to fight for a great goal, you must also rule out the exclusion of all trivial interference in your life, so you must be insulted.

No matter what age we are, how can we do things for a moment? The world so that you can not get too much, and only when you are angry, the world before you can start the most glorious side.

I have such a metaphor, every river has its own different life curve. The curves of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River are absolutely different. But every river has its own dream, that is, toward the sea. So no matter how tortuous the Yellow River, how many obstacles around; the Yangtze River bend the bend as the Yellow River, but she broke through the cliffs, with the way is not the same, but finally went to the sea. When we encounter difficulties, whether it is rushing or passing around, as long as we can go on the line. I hope that we can make our lives flow to the dream, like the Yangtze River, the Yellow River flows to the end of their dreams, into the wide ocean, so that their lives become open, so that their career becomes open. But not you want to flow can flow over, in fact, there is a spirit inside, there is no doubt that the spirit of water. Our life is sometimes a sediment, although you also follow the water flow together, but because of your personality defects, the face of difficult retreat or timid, you may slowly like sediment precipitation, Once you are settling down, maybe you do not have to work for the advance, but you will never see the sun. You precipitated down, the above sediment will continue to suppress you, and finally you will be dark days. So I suggest that no matter what life you are now, we must have the spirit of water. Even if it is contaminated, but also to wash themselves. Like water, continue to accumulate their own strength, continue to break through the obstacles, when you find the time is not the time to put their own thickness to the accumulation, when one day when the time comes, you can Pentium into the sea, the achievements of their own life.

It is a state of mind, you want to cross the words, it must be able to cross the past.

Many people at work, with grievances and resentment at work, your work is far from doing well.

How can we make things more successful. The first point, how to put their long-term goals and short-term goals together. We have to first clear, what things we want to do things for a lifetime, what things are all done, we can not do things. China has a saying that urgent things slow to do, you are more anxious things, you do more carefully, more serious, the more things can do well. And you are more anxious things, the faster but do the more and more neat, I put this emergency is also called a major event. The second element is to decide what to do for a lifetime. Then there is one that I think is very important, is usually doing things when the time of the plan. Another point is the success of self-restraint. Any time, when you face a huge temptation in front, and any other possible temptation, if you feel that they can not stop, you do not go to chase that thing. Because you can not stop that thing to stop, and finally planted somersault is you.

Do not remember that the time to do anything is able to squeeze out.

Great and ordinary difference, an ordinary person lived a trivial life every day, but he piled out the trivial, or a bunch of trivial life. The so-called great man is to put a bunch of trivial things through a great goal after every day to accumulate and become a great cause.

My core values are to live with good, with a good attitude to treat their own lives and other people's lives.

There are two sentences I appreciate. Life is a process; cause a result.

Each of us is living in every day, if you are unhappy every day, you put all the day together, that is, your life unhappy. But if you are happy every day, in fact, your life is happy. Once I went to the edge of the Yellow River, I used a mineral water bottle filled with a bottle of water. We all know that the Yellow River water particularly muddy, then I put on the roadside, about an hour or so. So I am very surprised to find that three quarters have become a very clear bottle of water, and only a quarter of it, is the sediment down the sediment. If we say that this bottle of water, the water part of the metaphor of our happiness and happiness, and that muddy muddy sediment, compared to our pain, then you understand; when you shake it, your life full of Is muddy, that is full of pain and trouble. But when you keep your mind down, although the total amount of sediment is not reduced at all, it settles in your heart because your heart is quiet, so you will not be stirred again, so your life Three quarters, must be happy and happy.

People's life is actually very uneven road, you rely on a person is absolutely endless, the world only you with others, in order to do things together with the same time, can this thing made. The strength of a person is limited, but the power of a group of people is infinite. When the five fingers stretched out, it was five fingers, but when you put the five fingers up, it was a fist. In addition to the future of your own success, must be successful with others, with others together, the formation of us, you can make things successful.

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