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Popular cheap Plyurethane Floor Massage MatPopular cheap Plyurethane Floor Massage MatPopular cheap Plyurethane Floor Massage MatPopular cheap Plyurethane Floor Massage Mat

Popular cheap Plyurethane Floor Massage Mat

  • Name: Popular cheap Plyurethane Floor Massage Mat
  • Material: PU or polyurethane
  • Size: as your requirement
  • MOQ: 100 pieces
  • Features: anti-fatigue, stop personalized slip, waterproof, antibacterial,
  • Handmade and machine, injection molding: technology
  • Payment period: T / T, Paypal, Western Union
  • Package: eight in the PC item of a poly bag, by the box or customers'require in colored paper box
  • Certificates: RoHS Directive, REACH, ISO9001
  • Applications: Check carpet in the workplace, office rankings, anywhere, at home, stand, counter, runner, dry workstation!

Comfort Mat Features
1.PU anti-fatigue mats for kitchen mat .
2.Foam provide comfort and support for your feet,legs and back.
3.Eco-friendly ,Easy to clean, durable .
4.Anti-bacterial & anti-microbial, Slip-resistant, High Traction Bottom
5.Cost-effective, light carton shipment, easy to transport.
6.Durable, commercial-grade foam core for long lasting use

Anti-fatigue mat is beneficial to the back of the thighs and legs and feet, offers from unique sense head to your toes. Anti-fatigue mats are natural shock absorbers rapidly feet slight shift rebound weight, it is possible to increase the blood flow to the legs and hips promoted. Anti-fatigue mat is harmful of standing a long time, is designed for optimal softness in order to minimize the result of painful, it has been designed to stress and fatigue of constant reduction. Anti-fatigue mat is good posture, proper circulation, has been designed to facilitate the tension and welfare of muscle. In addition, lugs, stress, or to reduce the long-term fatigue and fatigue and discomfort, or have been static link.
1 Equipment Polyurethane (PU), you can trust in the major material,
2 MOQ Hundred
Three size As your requirement
Four technology And machine made by hand
Five Ready Self of PU leather
Six Payment date T / T
Seven Filler Normal cardboard exports in response to customer demand
Eight use Floor mat, kitchen mat
Nine Personal service Size, material, style can be adjusted all
Ten delivery After receiving a deposit of 40 days
Eleven comment Your satisfaction is our greatest positive, if you have any problem, please contact us.



Fine hope was founded in 2002, more than 100 the number of employees, and its number of management groups had an average age 41 of 32, has a modern factory covering an area of ​​7000 square meters, it is Also thousand square meters and has the office building of the area, it was combined classic design with modern.

1. What are the advantages of selecting the Fine hope?

  1. 1. Quality of product warranty, guaranteed delivery, good after-sales service
  2. 2. cost-effective, the effectiveness of rapid development, professional operation with integrity
  3. 3. Fine Hope is to analyze all of the test, in order to reduce the standard competitive in quality between customers and manufacturers, do work on test standards.
  4. 4. lean production management.
  5. 5. develop new products, to help the client to design.
  6. 6. I have a wealth of experience in design and processing of PU products.
  7. 7. Fine hope is a national and international invention patents for technology and intellectual property and China's high-tech enterprises.

2. What is the difference between Fine hope and domestic counterparts?

  1. 1. Quality assurance: Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).
  2. 2. Fine hope you have a rich experience in providing services to large international companies.
  3. 3. research team professional polyurethane material.
  4. 4. independent design, production equipment and mold manufacturing and innovation ability.
  5. 5. engineers of the team is responsible for quality assurance and quality control.

3. What are the Fine hope and Europe and of the United States of the corresponding difference?

  1. Maturity and 1 strength to support the supply chain
  2. Reduction of mold cost 2.
  3. 3. High development and not only the efficiency of construction, the ability to short processing time.
  4. 4. cost-effective and good service attitude.

4. Do you chose why Fine hope?

  1. Fine Hope is a professional R & amp; be in the PU China is a professional manufacturer, the amplifier I have. Amp; D team, production facilities of PU, professional testing equipment and perfect quality management system. We have CAT, Fiat, HST, the experience of working with 12 of the MCP and other famous enterprises. We, R & amp; offers a service counter in the amplifier. Amplifiers; amp; D, production, to meet the individual needs.

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