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Beijing to renew the rules of residence

Dana 2015-12-14 09:54:18

Beijing to renew the rules of residence
Beijing on Thursday released two draft regulations that use a point system to allow people who have worked and lived in Beijing for years to get a permanent residence permit, a state that will ensure long-needed education cheaper and better access resources expensive.
If the new rules are approved, the scheme will theoretically give everyone who has lived in Beijing for long enough the same opportunities to obtain the much desired hukou, or household registration.
This would put an end to the existing system, in which above all the employees of public or state-owned enterprises can be applied according to an annual quota.
However, analysts said that the drafts, released three days after the city unveiled its 13th Five-Year Plan (2015-20), which promises to limit the population under 23 million, are actually designed to ensure control population and "optimize" the structure of the population at a time when the capital is struggling with congestion and the lack of water and other resources.
The project, by the Chinese government on its official website says that people from outside Beijing can apply for a permanent hukou if they are under 45, have made social security contributions for at least seven years, meet the standards of family planning policy and have no criminal record in Beijing.
The draft said that this is an attempt to bring convenience for residents in Beijing who come from out of town, to protect its interests, promoting the "harmonious development" of the population, resources, environment, economy and society.
There have been public protests online, with many people commenting that the threshold is too high, as many of the points are hard to get. Shanghai and Guangzhou have already adopted a point system. According to the experience of Shanghai and Guangzhou, the implementation of the points-based system will not lead to more people hurtling in Beijing, as the standard of Beijing it is even higher.

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