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Frustration make life luster

Faye 2016-02-23 14:14:26

Thanks blue bird, let it fly free; fish thank the sea, let it swim in the water; thanks prairie horse, it happily run; and I want to thank frustration, it makes me constantly hone their own, to make grow their own.

If the grass underfoot and painful because there is no tree, then we will never see the vast grassland; because if the water in front of the residues; because if the shell of a grain of sand hearts and pain, then it will never bred pearl Cliff and painful, that we will never witness the non-flow and down spectacular! I want to thank frustration, it is thanks to our lives add color!

Frustration is the growth of the road must pass through the fork, Zhang Haidi if you do not experience frustration, she would not be of great feats; Marx If people do not experience frustration composition network you can contribute, he would not become a revolutionary leader. Frustration is the dawn of pain behind it continues to Thorn Birds in the wind, rain, waves. But Thorn Birds did not fear for this purpose, after passing through the clouds, so it is gratifying that the thorns gleaming in the sunshine of life, it worked! But to make it successful is the reason why people would not think of frustration.

Frustration is the best experience of our growth process and face the frustration make themselves more powerful up!

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