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Life to learn to laugh by

Faye 2016-10-22 12:53:58

Life to learn to laugh, the face of failure and frustration, laugh is a kind of optimistic self-confidence, and then rally, this is a kind of courage. The face of misunderstanding and hatred, smile is a kind of frank tolerance, and then maintain the character, this is a kind of concept.

Life to learn to laugh, the face of praise and encouragement, laugh it off is a modest awake, and then keep making progress, this is a force. The face of trouble and sorrow, laugh it off is a calm and relieved, and then try to resolve, this is a state.

Failure and frustration are temporary, as long as you have the courage to smile; misunderstanding and hatred is temporary, as long as you wait and see; praise and motivation is temporary, as long as you do not delay the dream; about. The vast sea, who can compete, not to reject the crowd for the sea. Life for life, impermanence, not be intimidated by hardships, Fang Xian was a hero. Wind rain, spring flowers litter, lean on a railing overlooking the sun always after the storm. The tide rises and falls, Yunjuanyunshu, leisurely stroll, hanging forward sailing, to swollen midstream hit water, wave stick Feizhou, in front of the success of the other side.

Do not miss the broken old dream, do not indulge in the happiness of the past halo, do not care about the pros and cons of life, do not worry about the weather tomorrow. Since the choice of the front, just wind and rain, smiling away unpleasant clouds, do not let them cover your eyes.

Do not because today's pain to deny the happiness of tomorrow, not because of a small success and lost the direction, not because of the immediate wind and rain and deny the sun tomorrow. And do not weep for the missing stars, for we see the moon.

Since all this is temporary, why do we not laugh it off, start all over again? The halo of life in our head and the unhappy things like bubbles of different colors, no matter how nice or ugly, one day it will burst. Instead of staring at the unhappy things, not as good as the activities of their own hands and feet, stretch their smiling faces, the real pursuit for the ideal.

At this time, the aura will become virtual, but our hearts will be relentless pursuit and smile slowly to enrich them. Life will be like a slow flow of rivers, full and confident; smile will be like a blossoming somersault waves, bring us the joy of progress.

We can not deny flowers and thorns accompanied, can not deny the sun and wind and rain in the same, but can not deny the coexistence of success and failure! Life unhappy things often one or two, bright day-to-day eighty-nine, then laugh it off easy road!

To make their own sadness can make themselves happy, this is the power of laughing.

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