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Modern automobile industry and polyurethane be together

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2015-12-23

Polyurethane is a modern automobile manufacturing indispensable materials, the proper use of the material, to meet the performance requirements in automotive power, comfort, appearance, softening the interior, lightweight, and other aspects of life.

In addition to using common automotive urethane foam material parts, but also extensive use of non-foamed polyurethane material, such as thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane potting materials, polyurethane coatings and polyurethane adhesives, the application of these new materials not only improves the car aesthetics and styling design flexibility, reduces the parts processing, assembly and maintenance costs, but also reduce vehicle weight, reduce energy consumption.

With the development of the automotive industry in recent years, the polyurethane material in the automotive industry has become increasingly widespread application, has become one of the largest amount of plastic varieties car, the global automotive industry annually use more than 1 million tons of polyurethane, 2009 China's auto stable over 13 million, the amount of polyurethane is generally reached more than 13,520 tons, the majority of MDI products. To the 2010 vehicle production is expected to reach 15 million by 10%, the demand for general polyurethane will reach 15,600 tons and above.

The future of the automotive industry made car comfort, safety and energy-saving requirements are inseparable from polyurethane. Roof with insulation and soundproofing material, with comfort requirements of car seat, blocking noise and vibration to keep quiet space vehicle materials and sealing materials. In addition to the dashboard, doors, airbags, seat backs, fenders, reducing the red absorbers, oil seals, does not burst tires and paint •••. All kinds of polyurethane products are used in various corners of the car. In addition, also made of tire chains, because of its flexibility, durability, and without prejudice to the road surface characteristics attention. In addition, with excellent durability / weather resistance of polyurethane coatings can also be applied to painting motorcycles, light rail, and ships like the Shinkansen.

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