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Non-English Language Shows Are More Popular

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2017-10-16
he Hollywood culture is favored by the world. Every year, the movies produced by Hollywood always win both money and fame. In recent years, the US TV series are also popular and catch more fans. The English language shows become the winners all the time. But non-English language shows are starting to arise.

The most famous non-English language movies are Indian movies. Because of the Bollywood, which came before Hollywood, Indian movies are produced well and have its own feature. Besides, more TV series of non-English language are popular around the world. The Swedish show Skam is the hottest, and a lot of Chinese young fans are so crazy about it.

Watching the show is a good way to learn the language and culture. It is a good trend for people to pay attention to various cultures. Today, as the world gets globalized, it is important to know more about the world and broaden our vision. Though what we learn from the non-English language shows is limited, it is better than not to watch.

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