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Persistence is a quality of success

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-01-23

Song Dandan said: do not rely on smart success mainly by personality, to see if you encounter opportunities to grasp dare daring. Some people look very clever, can be met before the opportunity hesitant fear of injury after thinking the courage of ordinary people that you do it honestly, it is also very good. You have to understand: the thought of a different life, there may be subject to different setbacks. This world is very fair.

In fact, the success of which is not to give up the quality of perseverance. People want to have success, honors, in addition to select a suitable way outside, but also the spirit of perseverance.

There is a persistence of bones; kind of like "beat to death a little strong" as the indomitable spirit, perseverance needed fiery passion, the pursuit of spiritual roots.

Quality is also a persistent
Quality test of one kind of ascetic
One kind of identified quality does not look back
A persist from others dominated Quality
One kind of stubborn to even extreme to quality

With such tenacious qualities we can walk in the road to success, struggle, pursuit of, not to be confused.
With such quality that we can put our cause to the extreme, in order to reach the realm of what can stop.
Persistent course not you grab the whole world in your hands, when persistent one thing, when you also chose to give up another thing when.

Persistent on the premise that you already know what you want to select, what pursuit. Learn to give up, give up good nor persistent opposite.

When you want to give up, think, maybe the sun in turn is not far away, and then determined insistence upon what is successful, and if the moment would never give up hope of success can not touch, then I said to myself: hold success stems persist.

Persistence is a spirit of perseverance, persistence is a quality success.

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