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Read, and life there is no complaining of

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-01-25

An old monk kept a pot of orchids, he this bowl elegant orchid care a plus, regular watering her weeding. Orchids in the care of the old monk, long very healthy, Chula handsome, pleasant.

Once, the old monk to go out friends, put this flower entrusted to novices, asked him to babysit. It is responsible for novices, like the old monk as carefully protected orchids, orchids thrive and grow with.

One day, the young monk to watered after orchids on the windowsill, then work out the. Do not want heavy rain, strong winds knocked the orchid smashed. Novices come back and see a place of damaged leaves, very sad, and very afraid of the old monk blame him.

Old monk came back a few days, the young monk told him the orchid thing, and ready to accept his blame. Can the old monk said nothing. Monk was surprised, because it is after all the most beloved old monk orchid Yeah.
The old monk faint smile, said:. "I raise orchids, not to be angry."

Simple word, but it tells an open-minded attitude to life. Our job is not to get angry, we love nor to be angry. Once the intention to pay something irreparable, but also no longer blame anything, regret anything. Have the time to cherish, lost time lightly. Worthy from the heart will be good.

If you hate, life where all hateful.
If you are grateful, always be thankful.
If you grow, everything can grow.
Not the world you chose, you chose this world.

Since nowhere to hide, as Shale.
Since nowhere to run, as joy.
Since there is no pure land, as meditation.
Since it did not do so, as relieved!

Learn to calm face, no big deal ...

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