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U.S. President Barack Obama will discuss his new initiatives to curb gun violence with new measures

  • Author:Hopely Li
  • Release on:2016-01-18

U.S. President Barack Obama will discuss his new initiatives to curb gun violence in remarks Tuesday at the White House, as he works to detail to Americans the executive orders he says will not step on Constitutional rights.

Some of the measures, first announced by the White House on Monday, include expanded background checks, more effective enforcement of gun laws, increased mental health treatment and more research into gun safety technology.

Obama presented the recommendations, discussed during a White House meeting Monday, with top officials including U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey.

"Although we have to be very clear that this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. It's not going to prevent every mass shooting. It's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal. It will potentially save lives in this country, and spare families the pain and the extraordinary loss that they've suffered as a consequence of a firearm being in the hands of the wrong people."

One key element of the plan includes requiring any business selling firearms, including at gun shows, to get a license and conduct background checks.

Recent polls show an increase in the number of Americans who support background checks on those seeking to purchase a firearm.  But many gun owners in the country feel that any attempt to regulate firearms violates their constitutional right to own guns.

The Republican-led Congress opposes more restrictions on gun ownership, and any actions planned by the president likely will face legal challenges.

Each year, tens of thousands of people are killed by guns in the United States, including in mass shootings and suicides, committed at far greater rates than in other countries around the world, said the president.

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