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From a philosophical tugboat

  • Author:Hopely
  • Release on:2016-06-30

One night, many years ago, I was on board the bridge Passed a quiet night, one of our major cities. I see reflected light The sky and heard the noise of the city rumors.

When I look at my other side, I could see nothing but open space Dark and endless water. I realized how small I am, and I myself Life does not seem big problem.

I spent 25 years on board. Now, I'm a butt pilot. My job is to bring in a large luxury liner, and stay with them until They parked safe in their berths. Sometimes, this requires two tugs, Sometimes more, depending on the tide, the weather, and the draft vessel.

Most of the time, you've no doubt seen these tugs push and pull Great pad. It seems what they are doing does not make much sense, but Currently a large ship dock alongside her, made her cables fast, Mission accomplished.

These tugs, whether one or ten, walking in accord I whistle signals sent from the big liner Bridge. These signals Complement the same language is spoken as reliable; or even more So, since we rarely misunderstood docking signal.

Each tug captain to do his job according to the signal He received. He never asked questions. All his faith, which Always work.

Around the tug, where so much depends on teamwork, there I believe it has the effect. I believe that if I succeed Position in the world, I have to help my compatriots like the great Atlantic liner depends on the help of a small tug to bring them security To the port.

Very important to me in my first big liner docked feeling. She came up to ride on the harbor at high tide and high standing stout This is my little tug. When we drew together, the door opened almost Clever manipulation of water levels and two sailors on board to help me.

I was escorted to my captain took from the bridge. I realized that I was in control of a great ship worth millions of dollars, According to the owners I put her safely to her qualifications. After I had Docked several large pad, I realized I was not important, but Who is known as the quarterback of the signal.

Although we read in the newspapers, I have a great faith In this country, I pray that peace will come to this understanding Unstable world, so that my children can grow up in the world, which will allow them Well, not bloodshed. I believe it will come.

I remember to take over the understanding and sympathy Countries, as early as 1949, when a little girl named Kathy Fiskus fall Abandoned well in California. Engineers and sandhogs and the people of all Almost all walks of life to work for three days, when they got her out, she was dead.

People send thousands of dollars in bailout funds, but these Work and provide equipment who do will not take the money. their job Bigger bet. I talked to the foreign vessels into the new captain New York Harbor, but they also care about our tragedy in the United States.

I believe the world will find some way to work together With the same compassion and understanding, efforts to rescue the peace Little Casey Fiskus. I believe that God will someday achieve this.



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