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How happy to play the workplace?

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-07-22

Workplace looks like a calm river, but the river below, often hidden is a lot of undercurrent, and these undercurrents, that is, a lot of unspoken rules.

You may hate to become such an undercurrent, you do not have to become an undercurrent, but can not help but know the existence of undercurrent. Because you are also a drop of water in the workplace.

1. Do not ask for hard work, only recognized credit
If from the emotional point of view, this is indeed very heartbreaking, after all, everyone wants to do their own things are valuable, want to eat bitter are meaningful, is human In fact, the existence of the most basic purpose is profit, so doomed, profit is the lifeline of the enterprise, it must be results-oriented.

And hard work is to pay and process, but there is no hard work does not mean that the results, like, you planted an apple tree, if the cultivation of improper methods, the same can not bear fruit. The boss said: give me an apple, you said: I do not have apples, but I kind of apple kind of very hard Yeah, guess what your boss would say? He said: I am hungry, you roll.

2. Do not cry the child has milk to eat
We have long known: crying children have milk to eat, this sentence is inspired: when the resources are limited circumstances, you have to strive for more likely to get more.

Social psychology has a principle called the Matthew effect. Simply put, that is: the stronger the stronger, the weak the weak; in the distribution of workplace resources, this law applies equally. To a certain extent, the workplace resources are always only relatively limited, so in the distribution of time, it will inevitably occur tilt phenomenon, that is, we say "unfair" treatment.

But behind the unfairness, the resources are more inclined to those who have more "hematopoietic" abilities to gather together, because it can maximize the value of the resource itself. So, you can strive for, but the premise is that you have to have "hematopoietic" function; because, not crying children have milk to eat, but the blood of the child will have milk to eat.

Of course, there is a case where you can not cry nor milk, you can drink milk, you know why? Because the boss is your father.

The value of the decision, not how many things you do, but you have no irreplaceable.

In the workplace, sometimes the most words to hear is: why do I do more than him, more tired, but he did not earn more?
Because his value is higher than you ~ a joke, but indeed the study shows that well-behaved children can symbolically get higher wages, but this is not the main reason.

3. The main reason is: he is more irreplaceable than you.
For example, if you are the company's cleaners, even if you go from late to late, every month then two or three thousand dollars of wages, if people are the backbone of the company's core designer, even if he only 5 days on the class and work 8 hours a day, the monthly salary is also much more than you several times.

You do more things, do not mean that you do the value of things on the big; he did less things, does not mean that he created the value of small. Because the value of your decision is your core competitiveness, that is, you irreplaceable.

More ground gas an example, such as our company in front of the pancake fruit to sell aunt, never give us a discount, the edge of the pancake stalls so much, but we still only go to her place to buy pancake fruit, because people are doing Of the delicious. This is the core competitiveness.

4. The essence of the workplace is the interests of complementary
This is also a lot of friends mentioned, I first workplace chicken soup to a wave: see people want to smile; dress to be decent; take the initiative to help; learn to make people happy; so you can know more people.

But useful? Indeed, that makes you a good two-person actor.
I also know that humor is important, but the most important thing is that you have to learn to create value, because this is the important meaning of your work. In other words, first of all you have value, and then you can bring value for others, and finally you can get their own workplace contacts.

5. All the problems, and finally are human problems
Do not underestimate the "human" factor in the commercial activities of the status, because the whole business activities, the biggest variable is the people, and all the commercial activities, but also the most people need to complete, so when you catch After this factor, many problems will be solved, but I would like to remind that he is not a panacea.

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