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Be careful! The 6 body signals indicate that you are too much stress!

  • Author:Max lin
  • Release on:2016-11-24
1.Frequent headaches
Many headaches are tension headaches, which result from clenching your jaw, tensing your neck, shoulder or back muscles or grinding your teeth.
We subconsciously tense the muscles around our neck and shoulders during work or when we sleep, which in turn, causes headaches.

2.Body aches and pains
Sometimes it's hard to determine the difference between stress-related aches and workout soreness.
According to Everyday Health, when we stress out our nerve system activates the flight-or-fight response.
"If you do not take any action, muscles can become sore or painful," says Amy Przeworski, P.h.D. to Everyday Health.

3.You're always sick
Stress suppresses our immune system because the main hormone that rises when you're stressed is cortisol, and when we are exposed to cortisol for long periods of time our bodies become immune.
When our bodies are immune to cortisol, other substances that create inflammation rise.
In short, this can lead to plenty of colds, strep throat, flu or even diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and fibromyalgia.

4.Itchy skin
Sounds odd, but think about when you're stressed, you may subconsciously scratch your arm or even parts of your face. This is because stress increases the inflammation of our skin.

Think acne just result from bad eating habit? It's possible, but when you get one huge zit or totally break out, stress may be a trigger.

6.Increased sweating
Some scientists say that sweating is an important role in sending warning signals to people around us.

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