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You do not become strong it is because you have been very comfortable

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-07-20

There are two kinds of people in this world, a human is strong, a human is weak. Not to find their own strong, weak to find their own comfort. Want to become stronger, it is necessary to learn the strong essential skills that make discomfort becomes comfortable.

If you learn this skill, you can get a lot of things, for example, overcome procrastination, fitness, learning a new language, explore the unknown, and so on. However, many people tend to avoid these uncomfortable, after all, no one thing is simple, requires a lot of effort to endure a lot of pain, and even make their own black and blue. For example, you want to get rid of procrastination problems, you have to be in the task appeared to set their own time frame, then immediately do it, until the task is completed. But in the process of doing will have a variety of interference, you have to fight therewith, the process is bound to be painful, this discomfort will last a long time, until one day you become accustomed to, so you no longer delay. This process is to let the discomfort becomes comfortable, it becomes like brushing your teeth before going to bed, become a habit.

I've always felt that we should make some of their own comfort, but then I realized some discomfort sometimes not a bad thing. In fact, you can learn to enjoy this does not apply, for example, I will do some strength training every day, although this is not a serious discomfort to the point where I hate, but people are so difficult to escape, we can always find an excuse . I began to tell myself, since this exercise muscle pain and discomfort did not affect anything, I might as well stick with it and see how the results like. So, I developed a plan table, so this does not apply to participate in my life, a habit. Whenever I finish the case 15 pull-ups, chin-up I will write on the column 15 a month I will get a new paper, and summarizes the previous month. Inadvertently, a few months I've been doing a chin-up 1000.

The same way, we can train ourselves to get up early the habit, in fact, a loud alarm to get up every day and go to sleep a few minutes to get up the effect is no different, but the former will be a little discomfort, the latter would be more comfortable. I give myself to develop a sound an alarm to get up plan. As long as I can get up immediately after the alarm goes off, you write down +1 on paper, now, has insisted over the 200+.

Later, I found any as long as things are a little discomfort can be trained, we can be an uncomfortable thing becomes a habit, then you will not do without it, I feel this pain in fact little bland the life of a seasoning. It does not apply to become comfortable by a good habit is to develop such a.

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