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What is the workplace? Very deep

Faye 2016-01-08 11:16:19

1. The report said that the results of the work

Do not tell the management process more difficult, not how you easy! Leadership is not stupid, otherwise do today. Who led shrugs favorite, must take the results to the leadership is the result of thinking is the first thought.

2. References to work, said program
Let the leadership to do the quiz, but to do the lead to multiple-choice questions. References to guarantee to work at least two options to the leadership and to express their opinion.

3. Summary of the work, the flow
Summary of work to describe the process, not just the order logic is clear, but also to identify key points in the process, points of failure, reflection points.

4. The default layout work say
Working arrangements are assessment, evaluation is necessary to work to set standards, otherwise subordinates do not know how to do that, whether it is best suited. Both established standards, but also sets working the border.

5. To ask the question subordinate process
Concerned subsidiaries to pay attention to their questions, listen, let's get more detailed control again. It is concerned about the details of the lower level, clearly moved by the lower level of the points and planes.

6. Transfer ethical
The classes work formed unreservedly handover to his successor to complete the unfinished job classification and any transfer, not set up obstacles to quickly enter the job role.

7. Recalls the work, said the feelings
Exchange say that the sentiment in their work, which has been learned and what has been achieved and what reflection, which is difficult.

8. Do not hassle leadership
Bill Gates said, "If a leader is busy all day long, one thing, lack of capacity of a leader like all the pressure to prove due to the destruction .." So, if you're busy at the moment they ask yourself: "
1. I do to help?
2, I'm doing things much value?
3, I things that others do not?
4. Why am I so busy? "
Whatever the reason, if you are busy at the moment, ask your true face, stop for a while, give yourself enrich my knowledge, learn!
So far all the great leaders of history, but there are not illiterate, but no one does not learn!

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